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Born and raised in Regensburg, Germany, Tom moved to Berlin to start a three-year program in photography at the renowned Lette-Verein, a well-known German school for fine arts. After his graduation, he started working as a freelance photographer and was hired as an assistant to different international photographers that were active in Germany.

In 2009, Tom decided to move to New York to expand his network and career. He became the first assistant to David Slijper and worked on shoots for a diverse range of internationally renowned magazines, agencies and clients such as New York Magazine, InStyle, Alice Mag, Elle Canada, Huffington Post; DNA, Supreme, Woman models; WXYZ jewelry, Dusica Dusica, Eskayel. During his time in NYC, Tom developed his experience further in collaborating with acclaimed photographers such as Nan Goldin, Bruce Weber, Richard Burbridge and Annie Leibovitz.

While Tom is consistently perfecting his clean and minimalist aesthetic, he also retains the openness necessary to tailor images to specific clients’ needs. Tom lives and works in New York City.


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